Need a dead tree removed in Casper, WY? We will go to any height for you!

Call Capshaw Tree Service...we do the job right the first time!

Is there a tree leaning too close to your home, or business? Protect your loved ones and watch out for collapsing trees. Don't wait until hazardous weather gives it that final push. Even healthy trees can carry dead branches.

Since safety is our first concern, our arborists are knowledgeable and equipped with the right tools. We have a rear-mounted bucket truck that has a 62-ft reach and can handle limbs up to 2,000 lbs. We also have a grapple truck for picking up fallen tree trunks as heavy as 7,000 lbs.

Avoid costly roof repairs and contact the experts at Capshaw Tree Service in Casper & Glenrock, WY at 307-577-5205 today. Our fully equipped and trained crew is ready to provide you with the correct solution for your tree services.