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When you need effective tree treatments, turn to the experienced arborists at Capshaw Tree Service in Casper & Glenrock, WY for help. We can give you some tree and lawn care tips. Read through our blog entries for some practical and money-saving solutions from an authority in the tree and landscaping industry.

A Wives' Tale or Two

Posted by Ace Capshaw 05/24/2015

Bacterial wet wood is the problem I get the most calls about is a problem that most people can fix without a pro. When you see sap leaking from a wound on a tree, staining the bark and looking generally gross. If you can reach it, take a bucket of water with dish soap and a small amount of bleach, a medium bristled brush and scrub the wound. Once that is done use a hose with a pressure attachment to spray, cleaning the bacteria out of the wound completely. The soap and bleach will clean and kill the bacteria. Wait two weeks, a second application may be necessary. If the wound is out of reach from the ground, don’t use a ladder and call us to come fix the problem safely.

Scale, Aphids and beetles are the next two tree problems the can be fixed without a pro. First I have hear tail that if you put Moth Balls around the base of your trees in a small trench and bury them not more than a half in deep. This will create a barrier that insect will not cross to climb your trees. Second use a hose end sprayer with dish soap in the bottle part to spray small trees (up to 20ft) and shrubs to get rid of Aphids. Spray again in ten days to two weeks.

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